Electronero Network

  • Electronero ETNX
  • ElectroneroPulse ETNXP
  • Litenero LTNX
  • Goldnero GLDX
  • Crystaleum CRFI
  • Interchained XSC

Electronero Network: EI-1.0 - legacy Cryptonote. EI-2.0 - Interchained & Electronero Smart Chain

Electronero 1.0 core blockchain has been built over the course of 5+ years, with efforts from hundreds of contributors around the world. Through the years blockchain systems, and the needs of the people have evolved. Through meticulous research, & development Electronero Network Core Contributors have designed a unique sustainable, low-energy, efficient, and attractive blockchain network platform with public & private blockchain architectures combining strengths of various interoperable blockchain networks such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Monero, Electroneum, Aquachain, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and other major assets with Electronero Network EI-1.0 assets, and Electronero Smart Chain EI-2.0 xAssets. Electronero 2.0: Interchained $XSC & Electronero Smart Chain main net operations are scheduled for Genesis on 09/09/2021. Electroneum ETN owners before block 307,001 are invited to claim shares of Electronero Network EI-1.0 legacy Cryptonote assets ETNX, ETNXP, LTNX, GLDX, CRFI, and EI-2.0 xAssets (which are scheduled to be deployed in October 10/30/2021) EI-2.0 xAssets scheduled for deployment to Electronero Smart Chain so far: xETNX, xETNXP, xLTNX, xGLDX, xCRFI, xXMR, xETN. Electronero Network EI-1.0 legacy Cryptonote asset holders may claim xAssets & ERC-20 tokens as they are deployed on Electronero Smart Chain.


Electronero 2.0: status, main net updates following-up with experimental assets or "xAsset" deployments as ERC-20,BEP-20, and soon (EVM testnet Golden Palace opened February 2020) ERC-20 tokens on Crystaleum & Electronero Smart Chain: CRYSTAL, XSC, xETNX, xETNXP, xLTNX, xGLDX, xCRFI, xXMR, xETN. Various xAssets & research tokens will be airdropped to Electronero Network EI-1.0 legacy Cryptonote ETNX, ETNXP, LTNX, GLDX, CRFI holders at various rates exclusively on Webnero. Distributions began post 10/30/2019 after the launch of Crystaleum. With Electronero 2.0: Interchained Network on your desktop, laptop, mobile (...or raspberry pi, trust us we've tested it!) you will be prepared to manage claiming Electronero Network legacy "EI-1.0" cryptonote coin transactions, and "EI-2.0" xAssets as ERC-20 tokens such as xETNX, xETNXP, xLTNX, xGLDX, xCRFI, xXMR, xETN, XSC anytime, anywhere. Anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection can send, and recieve Electronero Network coins or tokens, compile and deploy smart contracts, swap tokens, and/or Cryptonote coins.
**Electronero Network: solidifies partnership with Crystaleum; "Golden Palace" Layer-2 EVM compatible private network.
Interchained's SideChained AIO, a cross-chain protocol integrates with Web3, Webnero & Electronero Passport API.**
As we travel through the Interverse, and beyond Interchained... We've made it past the challenging hard forks, and we're headed towards the cross-chain bridge to success. When we get across the bridge from Electronero Network 1.0 (EI-1.0) to Electronero 2.0 (EI-2.0) we arrive at Crystaleum. This is possible through Interchained's Sidechained AIO, a multichain protocol built as a command line utility which provides functionality to operate a cross-chain bridge. When we get there we will reach the "Golden Palace" a network with Ethereum Virtual Machine compatibility built by ElectroNero for the people, and stands in operations on main net with consensus proof-of-authority. Crystaleum is a multichain protocol, interoperable with native EVM / Cryptonote maintained in parallel operation as a sidechain of Electronero Network. Deposit Electronero 1.0 assets ETNX, ETNXP, LTNX, GLDX, CRFI to Webnero and prepare for the integrations & unveiling of Interchained Sidechained AIO cross-chain bridge. Public API & third-party integrations for Webnero users with exclusive early movers advantages, and immediate access to the genesis unveiling of Sidechained AIO.
Thanks to Interchained's Sidechained AIO, an interoperable bridge based upon a simple cross-chain protocol with Web3 connectivity and compatibility with Electronero Passport API the public API of electronero network powering web services such as Webnero, Mobilenero (oh yeah a new mobile app is coming! [See previews]. Electronero Network holders can use the power of the "fire" to burn EI-1.0 native cryptonote (migrate from CN to EVM), and in return will get blessed with gifts of CRYSTAL on Crystaleum native Ethereum Virtual Machine compatible sidechain. Likewise, Electronero Network 2.0, or Crystaleum native holders can embrace the power of "water" to flood EI-2.0 native EVM (migrate from EVM to CN) and during the flood EI-2.0 drains Crystaleum native EVM back into Electronero Network Cryptonote. xAssets can cross the SideChained bridge to utilize Electronero 1.0 or Electronero 2.0 as needed. All of Electronero Network blockchains, sidechains, layer-1 and layer-2 remain in safe parallel operations. Interchained's SideChained AIO connects the multi-chain as an interoperable cross-chain protocol.
Join Crystaleum , deposit Electronero Network native cryptonote coins ETNX, ETNXP, LTNX, GLDX, CRFI (EI-1.0) to Webnero

**Electronero Network centralized exchange listings (that we know of)**:
TradeOgre.com (lowest rates to buy for ETNX & ETNXP)
https://Finexbox.com (*wallet in maintenance, will support swap Electronero 2.0 and "Crystaleum")
Indoex.io (*wallet in maintenance, will support listing Electronero 2.0 aka "Crystaleum")

**Term: Meaning:**
**- "EI-1.0"** "Electronero 1.0 / Electronero Network native cryptonote coins"
**- "EI-2.0"** "Electronero 2.0 / Electronero Network native EVM coins"
**- "xAssets"** "xAssets are 'Electronero R&D experiments' consisting of alt-electronero, and/or DeFi strategies deployed to EVM compatible chains. Research & development, or maintenance, and support is limited to funding availability which varies depending on scope of work, topics of research, and development, profitability of the underlying strategy. Due to rapid development, limited community funding, and community interests among a variety of factors Electronero xAssets are subject to change without warning. Please exercise caution, and research the underlying cryptoasset before making any decisions. Remember, it is always a smart idea to read the smart contracts in full and request an audit on any DeFi project before entering or trading a crypto. Cryptocurrency is highly volatile, and it's not for everyone. Please be safe."
**- "Crystaleum"** "Layer-1 cryptonote native blockchain launched several years ago as a result of partnership with Electronero Network. Genesis block of Crystaleum from ETN, up to block 500k where a chain split of sidechain Goldnero, combined with the blockchain raw of Litenero, which inherits blocks from parent chain Electroneum, and makes use of the Monero source code base which follows privacy-centric cryptonote protocols. Crystaleum has been Interchained with an L2 compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine."
**- "CRFI"** "Crystaleum Layer-1 cryptonote blockchain"
**- "Golden Palace"** "Crystaleum Layer-2 EVM sidechain, network 1 chain ID 103090"
**- "(LP)"** "Generally 2 crypto-assets, could be more in complex DeFi strategies, are added in equal amounts of each cryptocurrency to form a single pair which will generate a certain amount of LP for owner. The amount of LP minted to _msgSender() is relevant to amount of the supply owned by the holder. How much of each asset the holder can withdraw varies based on quantity of cryptoassets[A], and cryptoassets[B]. LP is decentralized, adjusted autonomously, and synchronized on-chain during each transaction interacting with a particular pool."
**- "Yield Farming"** "Yield farming is the DeFi strategy which involves staking crypto liquidity pairs. In order to generate yields from the farm, otherwise known as harvests or rewards which are processed generally in the form of additional cryptocurrency of another or the same project. Usually LP is required to stake at a yield farm which would reward another cryptoasset with each block that passes."
**- "Masterchef"** "A MasterChef is a smart contract that controls what a yield farm, and/or staking pool can do, and how."
**- "Sidechained AIO"** "Interchained's all-in-one. SideChained is a NodeJS based portable, interoperable, "cross-chain" ledger utlility which enables simultaneous or exclusive transaction support for ERC20/BEP20/COINS. Sidechain Web3 Support for 0x (BSC/ETH) && native support for Cryptonote out of the box. SideChained is based on a combination of two main components. SideChained open source package, and Electronero Passport, a Private API on server interacting with wallets."

Check out some of Electronero community research, and development projects. Have an idea? Contact us on Telegram for help starting your project. We're working on some interesting contracts for Electronero Network 2.0 including "xAssets" DeFi strategies and decentralized exchange listings. Track smart contracts through verified sources such as Etherscan, Polygonscan, BSCScan, or trustless charting utilities such as Bogged Finance, Dextools. Liquidity pools are popping up all the time on decentralized exchanges such as [Interswap.finance], [Pancakeswap.finance] on Binance Smart Chain, and [DoDoEx.io] on Binance Smart Chain. For Polygon deployments we like [QuickSwap.exchange]

**Electronero Network "xAssets" official list**:

**Wrapped xMatic [WxMATIC]**: Community members along with Interchained upgraded the Wrapped BNB contract to 0.8.5 solidity, and deployed to Polygon mainnet. This experiment brought valuable resources in knowledge of understanding of wrapping native coins to tokens and vice-versa. This experience was amazing and brought us great results in our research. The WxMATIC public contract is on Polygon and it's a clone of WBNB, updated to solidity 0.8.5.
Wrapped Contract on Polygonscan

**Interswap**: [Interswap.finance](https://interswap.finance) a yield farm, and convenient decentralized exchange on Binance Smart Chain with liquidity powered by Pancakeswap.finance. This rewards project is a fun way to learn about DeFi and start earning rewards on the Binance Smart Chain. It taught us how liquidity pairs function, and proved decentralized finance could be very useful. The underlying core is mostly a fork of PancakeSwap, with higher rewards per block. PancakeSwap itself was a fork of Uniswap.
"Masterchef" Contract on BSC Scan

**XSC**: a yield farming rewards DeFi protocol is deployed on Binance Smart Chain
Charts on Bogged Finance
Contract on BSC Scan

**CRYSTAL**: a yield farming rewards DeFi protocol is deployed on Binance Smart Chain
Charts on Bogged Finance
Contract on BSC Scan

Electronero Network Releases
Electronero [ETNX] release "Electric Desert" version 12.5.7
To restore ETNX compile release branches and synchronize the blockchain.
ETNX Oracle release branch ETNX release branch
ETNX official Github
Electronero Pulse [ETNXP] release "Yellow Bricks" version 12.4.1
To restore ETNXP compile release branches and synchronize the blockchain.
ETNXP Oracle
release branch ETNXP release branch
ETNXP official Github
Litenero [LTNX]
To restore LTNX compile release branches and synchronize the blockchain.
LTNX Oracle
release branch LTNX release branch
LTNX official Github
Goldnero [GLDX]
To restore GLDX compile release branches and synchronize the blockchain.
GLDX Oracle
release branch GLDX release branch
GLDX official Github

Crystaleum [CRFI]
To restore CRFI compile release branches and synchronize the blockchain.
CRFI Oracle
release branch CRFI release branch
CRFI official Github

We have issued a blockchain.raw to assist in synchronization for pools and those running local nodes.

All claims, content, designs, algorithms, estimates, roadmaps, specifications, terms, concepts, and performance measurements described in this project are done with good faith efforts. Contributors do their best to keep information accurate, and up to date. As an open source community project we are limited with resources, and therefore the information is expected to be accurate during the timeline produced. However we do not take responsibility to maintain it's accuracy. It is up to the reader to check, and validate the information for accuracy. Furthermore, nothing in this project constitutes a solicitation for investment.

Limited technical support is available on Telegram.
ETNX Support
ETNXP Support
Any content produced by Electronero Network or developer resources that Electronero provides are for educational and inspirational purposes only. Electronero Network does not encourage, induce or sanction the deployment, integration or use of any such applications (including the code comprising the Electronero and/or Crystaleum blockchain protocol) in violation of applicable laws or regulations and hereby prohibits any such deployment, integration or use.
Thank you for your support.
⚡️Electronero core

Join Electronero on Telegram
Electronero Pulse
ONLINE: https://webnero.electronero.org


Don't wait any longer! Claim your outputs of ETNX, ETNXP, LTNX, GLDX, CRFI today! Visit Webnero to register an Electronero ID with Electronero Passport Protocol.
Webnero members receive additional benefits, promotions and access to Crystaleum.


Electronero 2.0: Interchained brings new access to Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Cryptonote to Electronero ecosystem! New updated Electronero Smart Chain enabled web & mobile wallets! Deploy ERC-20 tokens or smart contracts, send/receive legacy EI-1.0 Cryptonote ETNX ETNXP LTNX GLDX CRFI, Electronero Smart Chain $XSC coin, xAssets xETNX xETNXP xLTNX xGLDX xCRFI, xXMR, xETN or ERC-20 tokens, Binance BEP-20, Ethereum ERC-20 or Aquachain tokens in a unique, efficient, and user-friendly experience. First deployments for Android and iOS are in private alpha stages now. Public beta opens 09/09/2021. Join the community
Send/Receive Electronero Network verified Cryptonote, or Electronero Smart Chain / Crystaleum ERC-20 tokens, Binance-Smart-Chain (BEP-20), Polygon (ERC-20) tokens, or Ethereum (ERC-20) tokens, Send, Add Contacts, Deploy Contracts, Monitor Markets, Control Settings, Added Layers of Security Now with 2fa powered by Goole Authenticator!


Create, Test, Deploy Smart Contracts, ERC-20 (Crystaleum / Electronero Smart Chain) tokens, or even a DEX. Send/Receive Electronero Network EI-1.0 coins & EI-2.0 tokens, Ethereum/Polygon (ERC-20) or Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20) tokens. Collect Bounty for invitations. Monitor Balance & Transaction History. Track Electronero Smart Chain contracts. Electronero Smart Chain; A cross-chain public & private decentralized blockchain network. Open-source public network of blockchain ledgers; Combining hard forks of Monero, blockchain shard-forks of ETN, public open Electronero Smart Chain ledgers, and major networks such as BSC/ETH/Aquachain. Cross-chain, atomic swaps powered by Interchained($INTERCHAIN) via Binance Smart Chain / BEP-20 & Ethereum ERC-20 tokens via Electronero SideChained protocol, mulit-blockchain AIO bridge. Electronero 2.0: Interchained ecosystem is integrated with legacy Cryptonote Electronero Network, Electroneum ETN, Monero XMR, Binance Coin BNB, Binance-Smart-Chain BSC / BEP-20 tokens, ETH, Ethereum / ERC-20 tokens, Aquachain tokens, and Electronero Smart Chain / ERC-20 tokens via Electronero SideChained protocol multi-blockchain AIO bridge.

EI-2.0 Features

  • Smart Contracts & ERC-20 Token Ecosystem; Deploy, Stake, Earn, Mine, Trade, Farm, Yield
  • GO ELECTRONERO PUBLIC via SideChained protocol through Interchained ERC20/BEP20 tokens or EI-2.0 xAsset/ERC-20 on Electronero Smart Chain or $XSC or ETH/BNB/BSC/Aquachain or any Aquachain,ERC-20/BEP-20 token
  • GO ELECTRONERO PRIVATE via legacy Electronero EI-1.0 and affiliate Cryptonote
  • Digital Asset Swaps, and Exchange Listings on CEX's and DEX's via Electronero Smart Chain, Ethereum, Binanace Smart Chain, Aquachain, and more!
  • Liquidity Pools on ApeSwap, PancakSwap and Uniswap
  • Designed for Mass Adoption
  • Webnero 2.0 | User-friendly Web Wallet
  • Mobilenero 2.0 | Mobile Web Experience
  • Derrivatives & Predictions Exchange

Technical Roadmap

April 2018

Start of the project.

May 2018

Public Testnet launches.

May 2018

Beginning of Bounty Program, Smart Mobile Wallet w/ Contracts development project round 1 funded

May 2018

Bulletproof RCT's & Ring Signatures Enabled

May 2018

Mobile Smart Contracts and Mobile Bounty development started

June 2018

Main Net launch & Exchange Listing

July 2018

Cryptonight FAST POW algo implemented on main net

July 2018

Infrastructure Expansion, Bounty Program upgrade

August 2019

Electronero Passport, Web & Mobile Wallets, public beta

September 2020

Crystaleum CRFI announces partnership with Electronero Network. CRFI swap data collection begins.

March 2021

CRFI swap data collection ends.
ETNX rate: 0.000000015 LTC
ETNXP rate: 0.00000020 LTC
LTNX rate: 0.000000015 LTC

September 2021

Electronero 2.0: Interchained XSC, & Electronero Smart Chain deployment begins. Exchange listings on CEX: Finexbox.com Bitexlive.com TradeOgre.com Indoex.io Vindax.com

October 2021

Governance ElectroneroDAO, Interswap.finance deployment, and public DEX listings begin: PancakeSwap, QuickSwap, UniSwap listings

Want to Earn Electronero?

Join Electronero Network Core Development

  • Professional Blockchain Developement Network
  • Open Source Collaborative Environment
  • Receive Steady Rewards from Electronero Network Core Development Fund


EI-2.0 launches 09/09/2021

Public Electronero testnet launched on May 11, 2018 (approximate block height 280,000 of ETN). The Electroneum/Electronero hard fork happened at height 307,000 and was followed by a public release of wallets, mining pools and exchanges listings, electronero community provided with an easy-to-use mobile integration. Getting ready for the upcoming deployment of Electronero 2.0: Interchained, $XSC coin, xAssets xETNX, xETNXP, xLTNX, xGLDX, xCRFI, and 3:1 CRFI swaps. Electroneum owners can claim all Electronero Network assets at various rates.

As a result of a world wide caucus held between the electronero core team. 19+ members from different parts of the globe were selected as team after participating in volunteer contributions to the Electronero community. The internal reorganization brings with it some discussions and many votes were cast. The votes were split and two parallell, interoperable, interchained networks will be formed simultaneously to be known as: EI-1.0, and EI-2.0. Electronero Legacy Cryptonote will continue, AKA EI-1.0 this blockchain network coverage includes assets such as ETNX, ETNXP, LTNx, GLDX, and CRFI. Electronero 2.0: Interchained is two parts, Electronero Smart Chain which has the $XSC coin which will be the main asset along with all on chain xAssets AKA ERC-20 tokens, and Interchained BEP20/ERC20 tokens for SideChained protocol using multi-chain and side-chain technology with privacy of Cryptonote and Ethereum/Binance tokens. There will be xAssets deployed on Electronero Smart Chain for each Electronero 1.0 asset xETNX, xETNXP, xLTNX, xGLDX, xCRFI and more ERC-20 tokens may be deployed at any time by Electronero Network members. The snapshots will take place estimated September 9, 2021 the date of the final xAssets distributions is expected to be October 30th, 2021. Meanwhile Electronero 1.0 and Electronero 2.0 will operate in parrallel offerring Lighning Fast, Private. and Low-Cost/Low-Energy Cryptonight Fast v1 Proof-Of-Work emissions through EI-1.0 comined with, or exclusive Durability, Speed, and Low-Cost/Low-Energy CloudBakery Proof-of-Stake emissions. Any existing Electronero Network EI-1.0 assets will be transferrable in 1:1 ratio for coins held in Electronero Passport enabled applications or on participating exchange wallets. More details soon followed by an official announcements. Stay tuned, connect with us on Telegram!

The Electronero 1.0 Launch

The original EI-1.0 hard fork from ETN happened at height 307,000 of Electroneum. Electronero 1.0 legacy Cryptonote was forked from Electroneum blockchain, and Monero source code. The block was mined in 2018. The original chain owners abandoned the blockchain, it was attacked and so the community decided to pick it up to build upon it and maintain it. Now after several years of hard work, research and development, there are 5 coins on main net ETNX, ETNXP, LTNX, GLDX,CRFI. Electronero 2.0: Interchained is a combination of legacy Electronero Cryptonote blockchains, with modern Electronero Smart Chain $XSC blockchains, and a cross-chain bridge between major blockchains such as Ethereum, and Binance-Smart-Chain, and more integrations to come such as Polygon, Tron, and more. Electronero 2.0: Interchained is here. When block 307,000 was mined way back in 2018 at that time all Electroneum owners became defacto Electronero Network owners. Claim your stakes in the many hard forks of Electronero Network coins and token from your Electroneum. No purchase necessary to claim your shards of Electronero Network swaps like $CRFI, and Electronero Network Hard Forks ranging from Electronero $ETNX, Electronero Pulse $ETNXP, to Litenero $LTNX, Goldnero $GLDX, Crystaleum $CRFI, Interchained, and Electronero Smart Chain $XSC, as well as EI-2.0 xAssets and ERC-20 token swaps like xETNX, xETNXP, xLTNX, xGLDX, xCRFI, and more! Much much more to come... Stay connected to Electronero Network

Introducing Electronero 2.0: Interchained

Electronero Smart Chain $XSC "EI-2.0" deploys main net operations 09/09/2021; A state of the art public & private Interchained network. Thrive with Electronero 2.0: Interchained! Reinventing decentralized cryptocurrency by combining the privacy features of CryptoNote coins, with the integrity and technology of public chains such as Binance Smart Chain ($BSC), Bitcoin ($BTC), Ethereum ($ETH), Interchained ($INTERCHAIN) and Electronero Smart Chain ($XSC). Electronero Network Project is a 100% open source, and community driven project. Join the Community

Public & Private Multi-Chain Solutions

While existing blockchain networks offer singular solutions, Electronero core development team has built an interoperable, lightning-fast, network of blockchains capable of processing transactions on Electronero 1.0, Electronero 2.0, Ethereum, Binanace Smart Chain, Aquachain, and more. Electronero 2.0: Interchained a lightning-fast, private/pubic, secure, & easy-to-use Interchained cryptocurrency network. Electronero 2.0: Interchained includes Staking, DEX's, Yield Farming, cross-chain swaps built-with Binance-Smart-Chain, Ethereum, Cryptonote via Electronero Smart Chain ($XSC)! Easy to use cryptocurrency with web/mobile payments integrations, web/mobile experiences. Electronero 2.0: Interchained also brings about new coins/tokens for Electronero Network to claim, such as Electronero Smart Chain $XSC coin ecosystem, Interchained AI $INTERCHAIN BEP-20/ERC-20 tokens. Electronero 2.0: Interchained ecosystem is built with the user in mind to help Electronero developers create light-weight, portable, lightning-fast, and secure blockchains to further Electronero core development team's blockchain research program. Electronero 2.0 Interchained features a DAO with a governance system, and community arbitration network. Electronero 2.0 Interchained also features smart contracts, and framework for DEX's and limitless on-chain storage.

Light-Weight, Energy Efficient & Portable

Electronero 2.0: Interchained strives to be truly energy efficient, and light weight with a full-featured enterprise level public and private blockchain ecosystem, lightning-fast sync optimization, ASIC resistant, dual consensus algorithms featuring Proof of Work & Proof of Stake. Electronero 2.0: Interchained features Interchained AI; parallell, interoperable multi-chain Oracle monitoring network stability, health, and Interchained AI has the ability to process trades, and alter liquidity on exchanges. Interchained AI also monitors all on-chain, and off-chain digital asset, synthetic asset, cryptocyrrency swap rates and transactions are also processed through Interchained AI. Where Electronero 1.0 transactions were linked exclusively to each designated Electronero Cryptonote blockchain, for example ETNXP or ETNX, Electronero 2.0: Interchained offers Electronero Network and the world the ability to transact cross-chain without borders! Let's say for example transact cross-chain from BTC/ETH/BNB or any ERC-20/BEP-20 token to Electronero Smart Chain $XSC, and from $XSC to any Electronero Network coin/token xETNX, xETNXP, xLTNX, xGLDX, xCRFI or more. Or pehaps another example transaction on Electronero 2.0 Interchained would be to send $XSC or any Electronero Network token on Electronero Smart Chain to ETNX on Cryptonote for privacy-enabled transfers using ring signatures and Bulletproof RCT's, another Electronero 2.0 Interchained transaction example would be from xETNX on Electronero Smart Chain to $XSC on Binance Smart Chain.

Electronero Network
Legacy Cryptonote


Link: Claim via Electronero Passport Protocol
Max Supply: 101,101.000000000000 CRFI
Circulations: < 1.000000000000 CRFI
Block Height: ~1,870,000
Official Links: Crystaleum.org
Crystal ID
Telegram @Crystaleum
Telegram: Crystaleum Support @crfisupport
Twitter @Crystaleum
Owners: Electroneum ETN, Electronero Network ETNX, ETNXP, LTNX
Learn More:
Link: Learn more


Max Supply: Unlimited
Circulations: ~100,000,000,000.000000 LTNX
Block Height: 750,000 | View on LiteneroScan Block Explorer
Genesis: 05/05/2019;
Official Links: Litenero.org
Telegram: Litenero Board Room @litenero
Telegram: Litenero Support @ltnxsupport
Twitter @_electronero
Owners: Electroneum ETN, Electronero Network ETNX, ETNXP
Claim: Link: Claim via Electronero Passport Protocol
Learn More:
Claim ETNX from ETN or Buy at Exchanges Link: Learn more


Max Supply: Unlimited
Circulations: ~1,500,000.000000 GLDX
Block Height: 775,000 | View on GoldneroScan Block Explorer
Genesis: 05/30/2019;
Official Links: Goldnero.org
Telegram: Goldnero Board Room @goldnero
Telegram: Goldnero Support @gldxsupport
Twitter @_electronero
Owners: Electroneum ETN, Electronero Network ETNX, ETNXP
Claim: Link: Claim via Electronero Passport Protocol
Learn More:
Claim LTNX from ETN & ETNX, or Trade at Exchanges Link: Learn more


Max Supply: Unlimited
Circulations: ~66,666,121,991.10301990 ETNX
Block Height: 307,000 | View on ElectroneroScan Block Explorer
Genesis: 05/30/2018
Official Links: Electronero.org
Telegram: Electronero Board Room @electronero
Telegram: Electronero Support @etnxsupport
Twitter @_electronero
Owners: Electroneum ETN, Electronero Network ETNX, ETNXP, LTNX, GLDX, CRFI
Shares: 1 ETNX from 1 ETN
Claim: Link: Claim via Electronero Passport Protocol
Learn More:
Claim ETNX from ETN or Buy at Exchanges Link: Learn more


Electronero Pulse
Max Supply: Unlimited
Circulations: ~1000091868712.614103 ETNXP
Block Height: 500,000 | View on PulseScan Block Explorer
Genesis: 09/30/2018
Official Links: ElectroneroPulse.org
Telegram: Electronero Pulse Board Room @etnxp
Telegram: Electronero Pulse Support @etnxpsupport
Twitter @_electronero
Owners: Electroneum ETN, Electronero ETNX
Claim: Link: Claim via Electronero Passport Protocol
Learn More:
Claim ETNXP From ETN or Buy at Exchanges Link: Learn more


Electronero 2.0: Crystaleum (CRYSTAL) & Electronero Smart Chain (XSC)
Coin: "Interchained" or "Electronero Smart Chain" XSC is the host native currency of Electronero Smart Chain(forthcoming), CRYSTAL being the native currency of Crystaleum with EVM compatible smart contracts, CRYSTAL and XSC play a key role in Electronero 2.0 ecosystem. Interchained XSC and Crystaleum CRYSTAL ar multi-chain protocols, "xAssets" or experimental assets as smart contracts are deployed to the following networks with genesis on day 1; CRSTAL native coin, and bridged tokens as well as legacy Cryptonote CRFI blockchain. XSC is available as ERC-20, BEP-20 token standards to Electronero Smart Chain, XSC as ERC-20 token standards on Ethereum, Polygon, XSC as BEP-20 token standards on Binance Smart Chain and pegged to a basket of interoperable, interswap-able, interstellar, and down-right fantastic set of smart contracts deployed on multiple blockchain networks. Electronero 2.0: Interchained XSC & Electronero Smart Chain is designed for mass adoption, ease-of-use, and increased effectiveness. More token platform integrations such as Aquachain, Polygon, Tron, Cosmos, Crystaleum native EVM and other EVM compatible networks are part of ongoing research and development. Join the community
ERC-20 Token Ecosystem: "Electronero Expermiental Assets" AKA "xAssets" as ERC-20 tokens: XSC, CRYSTAL, WxMATIC, xETNX, xETNXP, xLTNX, xGLDX, xCRFIx
Storage: Wallet: Participate on Webnero via Webnero
Status: Deposit Status: ONLINE
Withdrawal Status: ONLINE

Links: Electronero.org
Twitter @_electronero
Twitter @etnxp
Twitter @crystaleum
Twitter @monero
Twitter @electroneum
Twitter @tether
Swap: xAssets are deployed as ERC-20 tokens
Variable swap rates for ETH/ERC-20 tokens, BNB/BEP-20 tokens, BTC, LTC, and all EI-1.0 legacy Electronero Network coins, affiliate Cryptonote coins, and various EI-2.0 xAssets
as ERC-20 tokens on Electronero Smart Chain
Swap via SideChained
Claim: Link: Participate via Electronero Passport Protocol
Learn More: Electronero 2.0 began main net operations 09/09/2021 Jump in now!

Trade ETNX & ETNXP now and you'll get maximum benefit as we deploy Electronero 2.0 xAssets. EI-1.0 holders get to keep EI-1.0 coins, and claim shares of XSC on various networks as well as claim EI-2.0 xAssets such as xETNX & xETNXP, xLTNX, xGLDX, xCRFI, xXMR, xETN and more ERC-20 tokens deployed on Electronero Smart Chain! xAssets start out paired to MATIC, BNB, or ETH and various coins/tokens through decentralized exchanges such as Interswap.finance, Pancakeswap.finance, Quickswap.exchange, Uniswap.org and CEX listings such as Bitexlive.com TradeOgre.com Finexbox.com Vindax.com Indoex.io.
Claim your EI-2.0 xETNX, xETNXP on Electronero Smart Chain, and claim XSC on several networks through Webnero from ETNX, ETNXP on EI-1.0. Keep both. It's that simple. Don't miss this chance of a lifetime!
What else can we do on Electronero 2.0?
Vote on proposals through ElectroneroDAO
Swap from BSC or BEP20 tokens on Binance Smart Chain to ETH or ERC20 tokens on Ethereum through multichain protocols SideChained AIO Bridge!
Electronero 2.0: Crystaleum EVM & Electronero Smart Chain main net operations open to the public 09/09/2021

Claim & Swap via SideChained, or Trade at Interswap.finance or various CEX Exchanges
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Electronero 2.0 Rewards

Dual PoW/PoS Emissions

PoS Staking, and PoW Mining

Yield Farming, Staking/p>

Electronero EI-1.0 assets, EI-2.0 xAssets & ERC-20, Binance-Smart-Chain BEP-20 & Ethereum ERC-20 Liquidity Pools

No ICO! No crowdfund! No BS!

Decentralized, Open Source, Reaserch, and Development Community specializing in Cryptonote Monero and the Ethereum Virtaul Machine!

Approximate Electroneum / Electronero Network Sharding Ratio
If you held ETN before block 307,000, you can still claim all of your unspent Electronero Network EI-1.0 and EI-2.0 shards

If you store your assets including ETN, XMR, ETH/ERC20, BNB/BEP20 or any Electronero Network: EI-1.0 legacy Cryptonote coins (ETNX, ETNXP, LTNX, GLDX, CRFI) or EI-2.0 xAssets and ERC-20 tokens in Webnero, or any Electronero Passport Protocol enabled dAPP during research deployment periods claim additional Electronero Passport Protocol members-only benefits! Including, but not limited to the following;

->) 1:1 ETNXP from 1 ETNX

->) 3:1 CRFI from 1 ETNX, ETNXP, or LTNX Learn more.

->) 0.00000001 up to 1 xETNX,xETNXP,xLTNX,xGLDX,xCRFI from 1 ETNX, ETNXP, LTNX, GLDX, or CRFI

->) Variable swaps from to ETNX/xETNX, ETNXP/xETNXP, LTNX/xLTNX, GLDX/xGLDX, CRFI/xCRFI to BNB/ETH/BTC or XSC,CRYSTAL on Crystaleum & Electronero Smart Chain as ERC-20, on Ethereum as ERC-20, & on Binance Smart Chain as BEP-20 tokens.

-> Stay tuned for more updates on technology, new advancements, swaps, and details on future Electronero Network legacy Cryptonote hard-forks, Electronero affiliates or partners, Crystaleum EVM and Electronero Smart Chain xAssets smart contract deployments.

This website is updated with our best effort, but to get involved with the project join Electronero official Telegram

Electronero 2.0 Passport Protocol via Web or Telegram bot

Joining Electronero Passport protocol is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Visit Webnero

#1) Create or Enter a wallet with an email, password only works for accounts which don't exist i.e. new accounts

#2) enter a 5 digit security code to add an extra layer of security to your Electronero Passport Protocol account

#3) Receive an email verification letter, get verified via email access Electronero Passport Protocol enabled wallet(s) on EI-1.0/EI-2.0 and various other Interchained assets through SideChained AIO Bridge integrations

Frequently asked questions

Below we’ve provided answers to some frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

Electronero is a hard fork of Electroneum. YES, anyone may claim 1:1 ETNX from ETN at any time on Webnero, or simply buy it at participating exchanges / decentralized markets. Deployed in May 2018 with no ICO, decentralized and issued to anyone who held ETN outputs on the blockchain before block 307,000. All ETN owners before block 307,000 are ETNX owners.

Electronero 2.0: Interchained is a public Electronero Network network of blockchains built with a combination of Electronero legacy Cryptonote assets ETNX, ETNXP, LTNX, GLDX, CRFI, Electronero Smart Chain $XSC and new tokenized Electronero "xAssets" such as: xETNX, xETNXP, xLTNX, xGLDX, xCRFI and other ERC-20 tokens built by Electronero community with Genesis a fork of Tendermint from Aquachain Network. There is also the aspect of bridging ETH/BSC/CRYPTONOTE/BEYOND! Interchained a set of ERC-20/BEP-20 tokens to bridge the gap between Cryptonote privacy coins, Ethereum and ERC-20, BNB, Binance Smart Chain and BEP-20 tokens via SideChained AIO

To be safe, one may follow our guide:

1: Keep ETN secure in your web wallet or preferred Exchange storage.

2: Create an ETN paper wallet, or an ETN desktop wallet before snapshot occurs (witnessed in May 2018) on block # 307,000

3: Transfer some or all of our ETN tokens to an ETN paper wallet, or ETN desktop wallet before the snapshot occurs on block # 307,000

4: Transfer ETN back to the ETN web wallet or preferred Exchange storage for safe keeping after the blockchain snapshot on block # 307,000

5: Retrieve private spend and view keys, along with address and/or mnemonic seed word key from the ETN wallet that one transferred tokens to on step 3

6: Restore paper wallet or desktop wallet CLI/GUI on Electronero Network blockchains ETNX, ETNXP, LTNX, GLDX, CRFI Folling the steps above one may claim Electronero Network 1.0 cryptonote assets, and Electronero 2.0 / xAssets on the Ethereum Virtual Machine from past owned ETN outputs existing on all Electronero Network blockchains.

Thanks, Interchained

To be safe, you may follow our guide:

1: Keep our coins secure in paper wallet, Webnero or preferred participating Exchange storage.

2: Automatic Simultaneous Distribution occurs and after the snapshot is taken we may claim our outputs on Electronero 1.0 blockchains and our Electronero Smart Chain xAssets on Electronero 2.0: Interchained network.

We are providing 24/7 support to the Electronero community, you can get in touch with the Electronero support via email, Telegram, or Twitter.

Yes. And always will be.

Yes. Electronero is based on CryptoNote Monero which is completely anonymous and untraceable.

No, this is a independent decentralized, educational project built by the community to create a fair and secure environment to its users. We support community driven blockchain projects while learning and sharing knowledge with the community.

We are always looking for help, if you are have skills or ideas to improve Electronero feel free to send Electronero Core an email or contact us on Telegram.

Contact Electronero Core

Any question? Reach out via email [email protected], and we’ll get a reply to you. Tweet @_electronero, or join @electronero on Telegram!!

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